Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Rainy Wednesday

Oh, my gosh. The rain is falling, and I am at the computer typing this blog. I hear the raindrops hitting the skylight in my art studio; it is a relaxing sound. We are in the season of fall, and the leaves are changing colors. On my morning walks, I especially see the changes in the leaves of maple trees. Fall is my favorite season because of its beautiful color but also because of a CHANGE and a beginning to a new school year. I loved starting out with new classes of students. Getting to know each of my students' personalities and talents, it was wonderful! Fall will always represent for my family my mother's popcorn balls and winter squash and occasional homemade taffy apples. Do you see where my priorities lie? Food...tasty and comforting.

This picture is a watercolor representing the season of fall. It is available for sale. Please contact me at my e-mail address. Have a great night!

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