Friday, September 21, 2007

Art is...

For an artist, the end result is not all that I see. I experience the process of getting to the completed work. Call it daydreaming...or thinking about my world, every step or brush stroke leads me to the next with the thoughts of the day, with problems to solve. Much goes into a painting, more than the colors I choose, the pigments from the paint tube, or the right mix with water. Contemplating over my personal world, I think of what story my daughter will tell when she walks in the door after school or the tough loss of my father to cancer this summer. On a lighter note, the constant dilemma is always what to fix for dinner.
A watercolorist or painter has to find her own style of painting, and as a former art teacher, my style is not set to one type. I am still developing a style through that process I mentioned.